This article contains the Troubleshooting Guide for the C30000 Series Ninja™ Foodi™ NeverStick® Premium Cookware. This supports the following SKUs: C30020, C30020C, C30026, C30026C ,C30030, C30030C, C30130, C30140, C30140C, C30150, C30215, C30225, C30235, C30465, C30480, C30528, C30530, C30628, C30630, C30830, C30830CLR, C30928, C30928CLR, C32000A, C32000Q, C33000, C35000W, C38000, C39000A, C39500, C39500C, C39600, C39600C, C39600CO, C39700CO, C39800, C39900, CW79012 and CW70026.

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