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  • sheilah sable

    i purchased my ninja foodi air fri oven in Oct. of 2020. I do love this product, but there is no way to clean it properly and so over time it just becomes a greasy annoying mess and I'll need a replacement. I am at that point, and I am ready to replace it, but thought I would check with the manufacturer to see if you would be able to replace this for me and take this one back. I will have to look at other models that are easier to clean but hope you would be helpful in  that process. I would take a replacement and upgrade to the digital oven. That one seems wider and more accessible. The problem with the model I have is that getting my hands in to reach the greasy splatters on the sides and back is impossible because of the small gap on the height of the unit. 


    Thank you. 

  • Erick Quinonez

    Hello friend. I would like to know where can I buy spare parts for this blender

    Model: BL710WM30

    I can’t find spare parts for this model anywhere.

    I’ll send you the pictures. Thank you in advanced.


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