BL201 Series Ninja® Kitchen System Pulse® - FAQs

This article contains the FAQs for the BL201 Series Ninja® Kitchen System Pulse®. This supports the following product SKUs BL200, BL201, BL201C, BL203Q, BL204, BL204W, BL205, BL206Q, BL206QBK, BL206QBL, BL206QF, BL206QGN, BL206QPR, BL206QWH, BL206QY, BL207Q, BL208Q, BL209, BL207QCH, BL207QBK, BL207QMBL, BL207QCN, BL207QWH, BL208QBL, BL208QR, BL208QBK and BL208QCN.

How is kitchen system Pulse different than an ordinary Blender?

The Kitchen System Pulse is a complete system to inspire and simplify healthy living for your on the go lifestyle. It combines the function of many kitchen appliances for optimal performance. Knead dough, crush ice, blend delicious smoothies, process ingredients evenly, and juice whole fruits and vegetables. Ninja Pulse combines Ninja blade technology with single serve blending cups, a processor bowl and easy to use attachments. Pulse puts the power in your hands! No more buttons to fuss around with, you control the power.

What are the containers made of?

BPA- Free plastic

How much wattage does the pulse have?
  • 700 Watts- Bl204, BL204W, BL205, BL203Q series
  • 550 Watts- BL201
What is the container size?

The Pulse comes with 16oz Single Serve blending cups & 40oz Processor bowl.

What kind of blades does the Pulse have?

Stainless Steel

Is the pitcher & single serve cup BPA-Free?


Are these dishwasher safe parts?

Yes, all of the cups, bowls, blades, attachments and lids are dishwasher safe, it is recommended to put these pieces on the top rack.

Are these microwave safe parts?

Yes the single serve cup & 40oz bowl, but we do not recommend microwaving liquid to the point of boiling in either container. Do not put the blades, attachments, or pulse lid in the microwave.

How long is the cord?

2 ft

Is there a cord storage feature?

Yes, there is a cord wrap underneath the motor base.

What is the warranty on Kitchen System Pulse?

Please visit for terms of the warranty.

Are the attachments interchangeable?

No, the attachments are not interchangeable. The dough blade and cookie dough paddle should only be used in the 40oz processor bowl.

How do I care for my Kitchen System Pulse?

Use a damp cloth to wipe the motor base clean. The cups, bowls, blades, attachments and lids are dishwasher safe, it is recommended to put these pieces on the top rack. Use extreme caution when cleaning & handling the blades. Always store blades in containers or safe area.

Can the blades be sharpened?

No, never try to sharpen blades!

How much do the containers hold?
  • Single Serve Cups: 16oz
  • Processor Bowl: 40oz

Never fill either container past the max fill line or gradient mark.

Is there a fill line for the amount of food that can be placed in the bowl or cups?
  • There are gradient marks on the Bowl: 40oz/5 cups/1250ml.
  • There is a max fill line on the single serve cups
Can you make baby food in the Ninja?

The Ninja Pulse can puree to a desired consistency. We recommend using the single serve blending cups for best results.

Are you able to grate cheese in the Kitchen System Pulse?

The Ninja is perfect for grating a variety of ingredients. Use the single serve blending cups for best results. Start by pulsing and if needed hold down the top of the cup for several seconds to achieve a range of consistencies.

Does it have a pour spout for serving?

The 40oz Processor Bowl does have a pour spout.

Can you put the container in the freezer?

Yes, container and storage lid is freezer safe.

Are the blades rust proof?

Yes, the blades are made with a high quality stainless steel that is rust-proof and dishwasher safe.

What is "Pulse Technology"?

Pulse Technology puts the power in your hands! Pulse Technology helps you process by pulsing ingredients to a perfect consistency.

Why aren't there any buttons on the product?

The unit is powered by Pulse Technology, you are in control of the power. Simply push down on the pulse handle of the 40oz lid or directly on the single serve cup once attached to the motor base to turn the unit on. Pulse Technology provides evenly processed ingredients for optimal results every time.

Can I drink out of the single serve cup?

Absolutely, that's what it's made for! The single serve cups are so convenient - add your ingredients, blend, remove the blade and attach the to-go lid! Now you can get out the door feeling great with a delicious drink.

Will the Ninja Pulse blend vegetables and fruits into drinkable liquids?

Yes. However, the Pulse is not a juice extractor, so you may need to add liquid or ice to reach the consistency you desire.

What is "complete juicing"?

What makes our juice complete? Unlike Juicers the Ninja Pulse allows you to turn whole fruits and vegetables into delicious drinks leaving all the nutritious pulp. Combine your favorite whole fruits, vegetables, and a few ice cubes and the Ninja blade technology will do the rest! We recommend using the single serve cup for optimal results. If you prefer less pulp add a few ice cubes, blend longer, or use a strainer.

Can I make hot soup in Kitchen System Pulse?

No. The Pulse cannot heat soups from cold ingredients.

Can I grind seeds such as flax seeds, or coffee beans?

Yes. The Pulse can grind numerous items; use the single serve cup for grinding.

Can the Kitchen System Pulse make fruit juices?

Yes, the Pulse can make juice that will contain all of the rich fiber of your fruit. For best results use fruits with high water content, such as pineapple, oranges and berries. If you use fruits with lower water content you may want to add a little juice to get a desired consistency.

Can the Kitchen System Pulse make "Frozen Fruit" Smoothies?

Yes, the Pulse can blend frozen fruits into delicious smoothies in a breeze.

Can the Kitchen System Pulse make Ice Cream?

Yes, the Pulse makes creamy soft serve ice creams and sorbets.

Why is a Kitchen System Pulse juice better than extracted juice?

Ninja Pulse juice includes both the juice and pulp from your fruits and vegetables that contains nutrients that may get lost when using a juice extractor. Pulp is the healthiest part of any juice providing you with the most nutrition.

Can I just throw in any whole fruits and vegetables?

Yes, the Pulse can pulverize a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, some combinations will be tastier than others.

Can the Kitchen System Pulse make dough?

Yes, the Pulse can make dough up to 1 lb, using the 40oz processor bowl and dough hook or dough paddle.

What is the shaker lid/Parmesan lid used for?

Grate fresh cheese, homemade powdered sugar and grind spices in the single serve cup, then attach the shaker lid for complete convenience.

Why does the lid fit so tight?

The lids are designed to fit tightly to the jar as a safety feature and to ensure that contents do not leak from the bowl. Pull firmly up on the lid handle to remove from the bowl, when blending liquids often the lid can stick firmly to the bowl so that contents do not leak, pull firmly to remove the lid form the bowl.

What are the blade assemblies used for?

The 4-blade is to be used in the 40oz bowl for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, chopping and controlled processing. The single serve blade set should only be used on single serve blending cups.

What is the dough hook attachment used for?

The dough hook is to be used in the 40oz bowl for various dough, such as pizza, pretzel, biscuits, and breads.

What is the dough paddle used for?

The dough paddle is to be used in the 40oz bowl for cookie dough, dessert bars, batters and egg mixtures.