This article contains the FAQs for the BN700 Series Ninja® Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ®. This supports the following product SKUs BC701CCO, BN700, BN701, BN701BRN, BN701C and BN701CCO.

The unit is not mixing ingredients/ingredients are getting stuck.

If ingredients are getting stuck on the sides of the pitcher, scrape the sides and add additional liquid if needed.

The unit does not create snow from solid ice.

Before creating snow, ensure the ice has not been sitting out or has started to melt in any way. Use ice straight from the freezer. Make sure the pitcher is completely dry. When blending, start with a few pulses, then use a continuous blending cycle.

The pitcher lid handle will not fold down.

If not attached to the pitcher, the handle will not fold down. For storage, place the lid on the pitcher and press down on the handle until it clicks into place.

Motor base won't stick to the counter.

Before sticking the base to the counter, check to make sure surface and suction feet (located on the bottom of the base) are wiped clean. Suction feet will only stick to smooth surfaces. Suction feet will not stick on some surfaces such as wood, tile, and non-polished finishes. DO NOT attempt to use unit when the motor base is stuck to a surface that is not secure (cutting board, platter, plates, etc.).

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