This article contains the FAQs for the CP300 Series Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System™. This supports the following product SKUs CP300, CP301, CP301A, and CP301BRN.

Where is the model number and Serial Number located on the product?

You can find the model and serial numbers on the QR code label located on the back of the unit by the power cord.

Can I brew Tea in this machine?

Yes, you can brew Herbal, Black, Oolong, White, or Green Tea.

How many watts is the CP300?

1550 watts.

What is the capacity of the carafe?

50 ounces.

What is Smart Basket Sensing?

The Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System automatically knows which filter holder has been placed in the brew basket. The control panel will change between Coffee & Tea settings depending on which filter holder is inserted into the brew basket.

Why do I get different amount when I use speciality brew?

Specialty always yields 4 oz. of coffee and 6 oz. of tea (with the exception of Green Tea, which yields 2 oz.)

How long does the clean cycle take?

The clean cycle takes approximately 60 minutes.

What parts/accessories are dishwasher safe?

The glass carafe, brew-through lid, coffee and tea permanent filters, removable filter holders, water reservoir, flip-top lid, frother whisk, and scoop are top-rack dishwasher safe.

What size paper filters fit my Ninja Coffee Bar?

The brew basket is designed to fit a #4 cone paper filter in the COFFEE filter holder. If using a paper filter, first ensure the permanent filter is removed from the filter holder.

How can the Tea filter holder be identified?

The TEA filter holder is denoted by the green handle with the tea leaf icon.

How often should I clean/descale my Ninja Coffee System?

The CLEAN button will illuminate when a cleaning cycle is recommended for your unit, as calcium scale buildup could be affecting the flavor of your coffee or tea.

How do I use the Ninja Frother Whisk?
  • Pour milk into cup, until it is about 1/3 full. (Use more or less milk depending on your preference.) Microwave for 45 to 60 seconds for hot milk.
  • Move the frother into the ready position by swinging the arm toward the front.
  • Hold the cup under the frother and submerge the whisk just below the surface of the milk. This allows air to fold into the milk for the frothiest results.
  • Press and hold the frothing button for 30 to 45 seconds.

You can easily remove the frother whisk by twisting it clockwise. To avoid spills, keep your cup below the whisk and carry it to your sink or dishwasher for cleaning.

What is the intelligent warming plate?

The Intelligent Warming Plate will automatically turn on during a Half or Full Carafe size of Classic or Rich Brew. The Intelligent Warming Plate will adjust the heat it produces to avoid burning the coffee over time.

Are special coffee beans required?

No. However, a medium grind is recommended.

Can I add more water to the reservoir while brewing?

We do not recommend adding water to the water reservoir while the system is in use. Only add water if the clock displays the "Add" and "Wtr" messages during your brew. Add water to the reservoir, then press the START/SELECT dial to resume the brew.

Can I change brew settings after the brew cycle has begun?

Once Specialty brew has started, you cannot change brew settings. For all other brews, you may select a different brew size, style, or tea type within 5 seconds. Results vary, depending upon the status of the current brew cycle.

Can I use shaved ice or crushed ice for my iced coffee or cold brew, or must I use ice cubes?

For optimal brewing performance, use whole ice cubes when brewing Over Ice or Cold Brew.

Can I use tea bags in the Tea filter holder?

Yes, you can use tea bags in the Tea filter holder. Arrange the strings so they hang outside the brew basket.

Can I use the Coffee and Tea filter holders interchangeably?

Both Coffee and Tea filter holders are specifically designed for optimal brewing. The system will detect if the Coffee or Tea filter holder is inserted when the brew basket is closed, and will brew accordingly. If you place tea in your Coffee filter holder, it will not steep properly. Placing coffee in your Tea filter holder will result in your coffee going through the steeping process, and it will be brewed at incorrect temperatures.

Do I need to rip open tea bags and empty contents into brew basket?

No, you can you place whole tea bags into the Tea filter holder.

Do I need to use extra coffee or tea for the different brew styles?

For Classic, Rich, Over Ice and Specialty, use the same amount of coffee or tea for each size selected. Each brew type is designed to make the strength you need using the measurements denoted on the Ninja Smart Scoop. The only exception is Cold Brew coffee, which will require one extra scoop.

Do I need to use the Brew-Through Lid in my Carafe?

Yes, we recommend using the brew-through lid as it helps maintain the carafe temperature, and to deliver optimal flavor. If the lid is not used, or is not properly in place, heat could escape from the carafe, causing the coffee to cool rapidly.

Do I need to use the Tea permanent filter when using tea bags?

Yes, use the Tea permanent filter when using tea bags. You may remove the Tea permanent filter if more space is needed in the brew basket for the tea bags.

Does the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System take pods?

This brewer is designed to brew coffee grounds only. Do not insert pods or K-Cups* into the brew basket.

*K-Cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Use of the K-Cup trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

How can I pause the brew cycle to pour a cup?

If you forget to press the Drip Stop button to resume the brew, the unit will pause the brew, and after 30 seconds it will give you a friendly audible reminder. After 5 minutes, the brew will be canceled.

How do you use the Tea permanent filter?

Insert the Tea permanent filter into the Tea removable filter holder and place the loose-leaf tea or tea bags in the filter holder, on top of the permanent filter.

Is it okay to brew Over Ice and Cold Brew in the Glass Carafe?

Yes, the Ninja Glass Carafe was specially designed for both hot and Over Ice coffee and tea. When making Over Ice or Cold Brew in the carafe, fill it to the top with ice cubes and let your Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System do the rest.

Is there an auto shut-off feature?

Yes. After one hour of inactivity, the system will power off.

What grind coffee should I use?

A medium grind coffee is recommended.

Why are my Over Ice Brew or Cold Brew beverages not brewed cold?

Ensure your cup, travel mug, or carafe is filled all the way to the top with ice cubes before brewing. Your Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System will brew at elevated temperatures to lock in the best flavor, then the ice will cool the brewed coffee or tea to the perfect temperature.

Why are there instructions on both sides of the Ninja Smart Scoop?

The Ninja Smart Scoop takes the guesswork out of measuring. One side of our scoop is used for coffee and the other for tea. Coffee measurements are on top, and tea measurements on the bottom. The numbers beside the icons show the number of scoops recommended for each brew size.

  1. COFFEE (on TOP): Use the LARGE scoop for Half Carafe, Full Carafe, or a Specialty coffee; use the SMALL scoop for all other coffee sizes.
  2. TEA (on the BOTTOM, in GREEN): Use the LARGE scoop for Specialty tea; use the SMALL scoop for all other tea sizes.
Why are there two filter holders?

To avoid flavor crossing, Ninja designed one filter holder to be used exclusively for coffee, and another one to be used only for tea. The Coffee filter holder has the orange handle and coffee bean icon. The Tea filter holder has the green handle and tea leaf icon.

Why do I need an extra scoop when making Cold Brew coffee but not when making Cold Brew tea?

Cold Brew coffee is stronger, richer and more caffeinated, which requires the additional scoop. An extra scoop is not needed for Cold Brew tea as it is lighter, sweeter, and more chuggable.

Why do the size options disappear when Specialty brew is selected?

No size selection is necessary as Specialty brew delivers a specific amount of concentrated coffee and tea. Specialty brew delivers approximately 4 oz. of coffee, or 6 oz. of tea (with the exception of Green Tea, which yields 2 oz.)

Why does it take over 10 minutes to make Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is a slow extraction process that brews at an accelerated lower temperature. Because it is brewing at a lower temperature, the brew takes longer to completely extract the flavor.

Why does Specialty Green Tea brew a different amount than other Specialty Tea settings?

The Specialty Green tea setting is designed for Matcha and will get yield 2 oz. of tea. The other tea type options (Herbal, Black, Oolong, White) will yield 6 oz.

Why is my brew cycle so slow?

Depending on your settings, your brew time will vary from around 4 minutes to 18 minutes. The control panel will indicate brew status.

Why is my coffee or tea too strong?

For milder coffee, use the Classic brew setting, use lighter roast beans, or use a paper filter rather than the permanent filter. If you want an even milder flavor, you can use less coffee in the brew basket. For milder tea, use the Classic brew setting, or use less tea in the brew basket.

Why is my coffee or tea too weak?

For stronger coffee, use the Rich brew setting, try darker roast beans, or use the Coffee permanent filter rather than a paper filter. If you want an even bolder flavor, you can add more coffee grounds to the brew basket. Additional grounds do absorb liquid, so you will have a smaller, more concentrated cup of coffee. For stronger tea, use the Rich brew setting, or add more tea to the brew basket.

Why is my green tea brewed at a cooler temperature?

Green tea is delicate, and therefore requires a lower brewing temperature (about 170°F"175°F). If brewed with water that is too hot, it becomes bitter. If you would like your green tea stronger, we recommend using the Rich setting, which results in a stronger taste.

Why is my Over Ice/Cold Brew tea sometimes cloudy?

When hot tea comes in contact with ice, antioxidants bind together and create a cloudy appearance. This is harmless, and indicates that the tea is fresh and high quality. The following tips may improve clarity:

  1. Use filtered or spring water.
  2. Use high-quality loose-leaf tea that isn't powdery.
  3. If your tea leaves are small and dense, try using a little less of them.
Why is no coffee or tea dispensing from the brew basket during my brew?

Different brews require different blooming times for coffee and steep times for tea. The system knows how long and at what temperature to brew to deliver an optimal cup of coffee or tea.

Why is there no Rooibos or Pu'erh Tea Type setting?

Use the Herbal tea setting for Rooibos, and the Black tea setting for Pu'erh.

Why is there sediment in my coffee?

If there is sediment at the bottom of the brewed coffee, this may be due to using finely ground coffee in a permanent filter. To reduce the amount of sediment in your coffee, try using a slightly coarser grind or a paper filter. If you're still finding sediment in your coffee, make sure the brew basket did not overflow. If there are too many grounds in the brew basket, the grounds will flow into an overflow channel designed to make sure overflow is captured in the brew vessel.

Why is there water left in my reservoir?

The water reservoir markings are minimum fill lines that indicate the amount of water needed for that brew size. However, all brew styles use different amounts of water to create the proper flavor and concentration, so occasionally some water may remain in the reservoir.

How do I set the clock?
  • Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The clock will flash on the control panel to indicate that the time has not been set.
  • Press the hour (H) or minute (M) button until you reach the current time. The AM or PM indicator will illuminate on the left side of the display as you are setting the time.
  • After 5 seconds, the clock will stop flashing and the clock will be set.

If the clock stops flashing and does not display the correct time of day, pressing the hour (H) or minute (M) button at any time will cause the clock to flash again.

Can I froth non-dairy milk, like soy or almond milk?

Yes. While we recommend dairy milk for best performance, you can froth almond milk or soy milk. For better results, use soy milk heated.

Does the frother produce both hot and cold froth?

Our integrated frother is capable of transforming hot or cold milk into a silky microfoam. For hot froth, the milk will need to either be preheated in the microwave for 45 to 60 seconds or simmered on a stovetop. Cold froth is made with cold milk and is an excellent addition to iced lattes or frozen blended drinks.

How do I clean the frother whisk?

To avoid drips and spills, hold the cup that you frothed in below the whisk while you carry it to your sink or dishwasher for easy cleaning. The frother whisk is top-rack dishwasher safe. We prefer you to either hand wash or place it on the top rack of your dishwasher. We do not recommend placing soapy water in your cup and cleaning the frother while still attached.

How do I set up my built-in frother whisk? How do I take it off?

To set up your frother whisk, swing the frother arm from the back of the machine to the front until it is locked into place. Install the whisk onto the integrated frother by pushing up the whisk and rotating it counterclockwise. There are also lock icons on the frother whisk to indicate which way to turn it to lock it in. To remove the frother whisk, twist clockwise and pull down.

What's the best milk to use for frothing?

For best results and to create the most froth using hot milk, we recommend using whole milk. For cold froth, we recommend skim milk.

Is there cord storage on the Ninja Hot AND Cold Brewed System?

You can store the cord inside the unit. Push the cord into the opening on the back of the unit.

What are the dimensions of the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System?

12.84" (L) x 11.06" (W) x 16.18" (H)

How do I remove and insert the removable filter holders?

To remove, slide the brew basket out and lift the filter holder straight up from the brew basket. To reinsert, set the filter holder back into the brew basket. Once the filter holder is in place, slide the brew basket all the way in until it clicks into place.

Why do I have to select a Tea Type?

Tea can be made from hard, dense ingredients like spices and dried fruit, or soft, delicate ingredients. Each tea type requires different brewing temperatures to yield the best flavor. The system is expertly calibrated to brew each of the major types of tea - Herbal, Black, White, Oolong, and Green, at the ideal temperature, bringing out their freshest flavors and complex nuances.

Can I program my Intelligent Warming Plate to stay on for more or less than 2 hours? Can I change the warming plate temperature?

To adjust the duration of the Intelligent Warming Plate, press and hold STAY WARM until the clock begins to flash the current Stay Warm duration. Quickly press the hour (H) and/or minute (M) buttons to increase the time up to 4 hours or to decrease the time to 0 hours. Press STAY WARM to set the new time. Or, wait 5 seconds, and the unit will beep, signifying the new time has been set. Next, the clock will display the current warming plate temperature. To keep the same temperature, press STAY WARM, or wait 5 seconds for the same temperature to lock in. To change the temperature, press the hour (H) or (M) buttons. Press STAY WARM, or wait 5 seconds for the temperature to lock in.

How do I clean and descale the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System?

The CLEAN button will illuminate when a cleaning cycle is recommended for your unit, as calcium scale buildup could be affecting the flavor of your coffee or tea.

To clean and descale your Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System™:

  • Select the Full Carafe size and set the empty carafe beneath the brew basket.
  • Use a descaling solution specifically formulated for coffeemaker cleaning and follow the directions on the package. Fill the water reservoir up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line (50 oz.).
    Fill the water reservoir to the Travel Mug line (16 oz.) with white vinegar, then fill the rest of the reservoir with water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line.
    **IMPORTANT: Use only white vinegar.**
  • Once the water reservoir is filled with your cleaning solution and water mixture, press the CLEAN button.
    **NOTE: To cancel the clean cycle, press the Power button or CLEAN button once. The unit will beep and stop brewing through the cleaning mixture. Continue to follow the instructions starting at Step 6.**
    **IMPORTANT: If you cancel the clean cycle, your machine will not be properly descaled.**
  • The clock will display and count down the remaining clean cycle time, which takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Your unit will deliver a small amount of cleaning solution to distribute it through the system. It will then pause, deliver additional cleaning solution, and continue for 60 minutes. The extended pauses allow for maximum cleaning and descaling.
    **IMPORTANT: DO NOT remove the carafe at any time throughout the clean cycle.**
  • Upon completion, the brewer will beep, the clock will display End, and the CLEAN light will turn off.
  • Empty and thoroughly clean the carafe and water reservoir with warm, soapy water to remove any cleaning solution that could affect the flavor of your coffee or tea.
  • Fill the reservoir with fresh water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line and set the empty carafe beneath the brew basket.
  • Flush the system by running a Full Carafe, Classic Brew cycle with water only. After the cycle is complete, discard the water and thoroughly clean the carafe.
    **NOTE: If the CLEAN light illuminates again, then calcium buildup is still present. Repeat the cleaning cycle instructions from the beginning, and the CLEAN light will automatically turn off when your brewer is clean.
How do I clean after a brew?

**NOTE: For best results, we recommend rinsing the reservoir after brewing and refilling with fresh water for the next brew. Use a wire brush to clean the thermal carafe. Wipe down the main unit, showerhead, and water reservoir shelf with a damp, soft cloth. immerse the brewer in water. immerse the brewer in water.

  • After the unit has cooled, remove the filter holder from the brew basket. If using a paper coffee filter, discard it. If using either the coffee or tea permanent filter, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water or place on top rack of dishwasher.
  • Clean the frother whisk after each use. Hand-wash thoroughly or place on top rack of dishwasher.
  • Wash the carafe and brew-through lid with soap and warm water. Use a bottle brush or a cloth to wash the inside of the carafe. DO NOT use a wire brush.
    **NOTE: The glass carafe, brew-through lid, coffee and tea permanent filters, removable filter holders, water reservoir, flip-top lid, frother whisk, and scoop are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • After the brewer has cooled, wipe down the main unit, showerhead, and water reservoir shelf with a cloth and warm water. DO NOT immerse the brewer in water.
How do I clean my glass carafe?

The glass carafe and brew-through lid are top-rack dishwasher safe.

How often should I clean my brewer?

The CLEAN button/indicator will illuminate orange when the system detects calcium buildup that could be affecting the flavor of your coffee or tea. The CLEAN button/indicator may illuminate more frequently if you live in a hard water area.

The CLEAN light came on. What cleaning solution should I use?

We recommend descaling solution made specifically for coffee maker cleaning. You may also use white vinegar.

Why is the CLEAN button/indicator illuminated?

The CLEAN light illuminates when you need to run a clean cycle. If the light is on and you have recently completed a clean cycle, you may need to run another cycle to remove additional mineral buildup that occurs naturally over time.

How do I clean my brewer before first use?

Wash the water reservoir, carafe, removable filter holders, and permanent filters in warm, soapy water with a soft cloth. Rinse all parts, and dry thoroughly. Before first use, prime the system by running two Full Carafe, Classic Brew cycles with water only. After each cycle is complete, discard the water.

Do I need to use a paper filter with the Coffee permanent filter?

No, a paper filter and the permanent filter should NOT be used together when brewing coffee. Using both the permanent filter and a paper filter may result in clogging, and water and/or coffee backing up in the brew basket.

Can I froth and brew at the same time?

Yes, you can froth and brew at the same time. However, when brewing is in process, DO NOT reach across the top of the brewer. Steam is released from the top of brewer and can result in a steam burn.

How do I set Delay Brew?

**NOTE: The unit must remain on for the Delay Brew function to work. DO NOT turn power off after setting Delay Brew.

  • Turn the unit on by pressing the Power button.
    **NOTE: The clock will remain on even if the unit is turned off. Ensure the unit is powered on to set Delay Brew.
  • After filling the water reservoir and adding ground coffee or tea to the correct filter holder, be sure the reservoir, brew basket, and filter are securely in place. Place the appropriate-sized vessel under the brew basket.
    **NOTE: The brew basket must be securely closed with either the COFFEE or TEA filter inserted to set Delay Brew.
  • Press DELAY BREW. DELAY BREW will illuminate and the clock will begin to flash "12:00" or the last Delay Brew time that was set.
  • While the clock is flashing, press the hour (H) or minute (M) button to set the Delay Brew start time. The AM or PM indicator will illuminate on the left side of the display as you are setting the desired time.
  • Once the proper time has been set, select your brew size. Turn the START/SELECT dial to choose your brew style. If brewing tea, press the Tea button to toggle to the tea menu, and use the dial to choose your tea type. To change your brew style while in the tea menu, press the Tea button again.
  • Once your selections have been made, pause until DELAY BREW stops flashing, or press DELAY BREW to activate immediately. When activated, the unit will beep and DELAY BREW and your selected options will remain illuminated. To cancel, press DELAY BREW again.
    **NOTE: If you attempt to change your selections while Delay Brew is set, the unit will beep and DELAY BREW will flash. To change your selections, cancel the Delay Brew.
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