This article contains the FAQs for the OP300 Series Ninja® Foodi® Tendercrisp™ Pressure Cooker. This supports the following product SKUs OP300, OP300C, OP301, OP301C, OP302, OP302C, OP302HAQ, OP302HB, OP302HCN, OP302HW, OP305, OP305A, OP305CCO, OP305CO, OP400, OP401, OP405A, OP400C, OP400W, OP401BRN, OP401C, OP402, OP402C, OP402Q, OP402QB, OP402QCN, OP402QN, OP402QW and OP405CO.

My basket is scratched/peeling.

The basket is nonstick and has a ceramic coating that is PTFE-free, FDA approved and food safe. As with any nonstick surface, we recommend cooking with scratch-resistant, non-metal utensils, and cleaning with non-abrasive materials only. Minor scratches should not affect performance, as long as most of the non-stick coating is still in place. If a change in performance is noticed, we recommend ordering a replacement basket.

Is the nonstick coating safe?

The ceramic coating is PTFE-free, FDA approved and food safe.

How long does the unit take to depressurize?

Quick release is about 2 minutes or less. Natural release can take up to 20 minutes or more, depending on the type of food and/or the amount of liquid and food in the pot.

Can I make yogurt in my unit?

Yes. Although our there is not an automatic yogurt function on the unit, you can make yogurt with the Keep Warm function. Use a thermometer to ensure food-safe temperatures are maintained at all times.

What is the PSI when pressure cooking with the Foodi?

High pressure: 80 kPa (11.6 psi) Low pressure: 50 kPa (7.2 psi)

What is the wattage of the Foodi?

The Foodi uses 1460 watts of power.

Why doesn't the Air Crisp lid detach from the Foodi?

Our unique crisping lid is attached to the Foodi to ensure a seamless cooking transition from pressure cooking to air crisping. You never have to worry about finding the lid when it's time to air crisp your meal. The crisping lid also contains the heating element that gives your meals that amazing crispy finish. Since the lid is not dishwasher safe, it's easy to remember to only clean it with a damp cloth.

Why is my unit taking so long to come to pressure? How long does it take to come to pressure?

-Cooking times may vary based on the selected temperature, current temperature of the Cooking pot, and temperature or quantity of the ingredients. -Check to make sure your silicone ring is fully seated and flush against the lid. If installed correctly, you should be able to tug lightly on the ring to rotate it. -Check that the pressure lid is fully locked, and the pressure release valve is in the SEAL position when pressure cooking.

Why is the time counting down so slowly?

You may have set hours rather than minutes. When setting time, the display will show HH:MM and the time will increase/decrease in minute increments.

What are the dimensions of the Foodi?

-When AF lid closed: 42x35x34cm -When AF lid open: 53x35x55cm

What should I do if the pressure release valve is not attached to the unit?

If for some reason the pressure release valve is not attached to your pressure lid, simply place the valve onto the silver post located in the middle of the circular indent and press down firmly. Please note, the pressure release valve will fit loosely, even when it is securely attached to the unit.

Why are there 2 lids and what are they used for?

These 2 lids allow you to cook in several different ways. When the pressure lid is installed, you can use any of the following functions: -Pressure -Steam -Slow Cook -Sear/Saute When the hinged crisping lid is closed, you can use any of the following functions: -Air Crisp -Bake/Roast -Broil

Does the crisping lid detach from the unit?

No, the crisping lid does not detach from the unit.

What is TenderCrisp Technology?

TenderCrisp Technology is a revolutionary cooking method that tenderizes food using pressure cooking then crisps it using super-heated air, quickly cooking your food from the inside out.

How do I set the cook time?

To set the cook time, use the Time up and down arrows on the right side of the digital display. The clock will display HH:MM. You can change the time at any point during the cooking process.

How do I set the temperature?

To set the cook temperature, use the Temp up and down arrows on the left side of the digital display. You can adjust the temperature at any time throughout the cooking process, but note that you cannot change the pressure setting once pressure cooking has started.

How do I release pressure from the unit?

To Quick Release pressure from the unit, slide the pressure release valve to the VENT position by using the tab on the end. Be sure to keep your face away from the valve, as a quick burst of steam will spurt out of it. When all the steam is released, the red float valve will drop down and the unit will be ready to open. DO NOT place your hand over the valve because hot steam will release immediately. To Natural Release pressure from the unit, DO NOT slide the pressure release valve to VENT. Instead, when the cook time is complete, wait for the unit to naturally release the pressure on its own. This can take up to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of liquid and food in the unit. During this time, the unit will switch to Keep Warm mode and the timer will start counting up. When Natural Release is complete, the red float valve will drop down.

How do I know the unit is building pressure?

A rotating light will appear on the digital display to indicate the unit is building pressure (please note this can take up to 20 minutes). The countdown timer will begin once the unit reaches pressure.

How do I know if the pressure lid is properly installed and locked in place?

To install the pressure lid and lock it in place, align the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the front of the unit. Then turn the lid clockwise until it stops. There will be an audible chime when the lid is locked in place, and the top row of icons on the control panel will iluminate.

Can I open the pressure lid at any time during cooking?

As the unit pressurizes, the red float valve will raise, and the lid will lock as a safety measure. It will not unlock until pressure is released and the red float valve drops down.

How long does it take the unit to build pressure?

The time to build pressure can take up to 20 minutes, varying based on the amount and temperature of ingredients in the pot. If you want to shorten the time it takes to build pressure, use hot liquid in the pot. Also, if any portion of your meal requires searing or sautéing, begin with that function and then switch to pressure cook.

Do I have to let the unit pre-heat before I use the Air Crisp function?

To preheat, simply add 5 minutes to your total cook time and allow the unit to come up to temperature before adding ingredients.

Is the cooking pot nonstick?

The cooking pot is of aluminum and has a nonstick ceramic coating that is FDA approved and food safe. This coating is also PTFE free.

What do the different cooking functions do?

Pressure: Cooks food quickly (70% faster as compared to slow cooking) while maintaining tenderness. Steam: Gently cooks delicate foods at a high temperature. Slow Cook: Cooks food at a lower temperature for longer periods of time. Sear/Sauté: Allows you to use the unit as a stovetop for browning meats, sautéing veggies, simmering sauces, and more. Air Crisp: Allows you to use the unit as an air fryer to give foods crispiness and crunch while using little to no oil. Bake/Roast: Enables the unit to act as an oven for cooking tender meats, baking treats, and more. Broil: Allows you to caramelize and get a brown crunchy topping on your food. Use this function for many of our 360 Meals to make complete mains and sides.

Will the outside of the unit get hot?

The outside of the unit will get hot, but the control panel, exterior handles, and handle on the lid will be safe to touch at any time during cooking.

Does the crisping lid get hot?

The crisping lid will heat up during cooking, but the handle on the lid will be safe to touch at any time.

How do I install the condensation collector?

To install the condensation collector, slide it into the slot on the cooker base. To remove it, simply slide it out and hand-wash it after each use.

How do I turn on the unit?

To turn on the unit, plug in the power cord and press the Power div located on the bottom righthand side of the control panel.

Can I pressure cook pasta?

Yes. To cook pasta in the unit, please follow one of the Ninja-approved recipes in your Inspiration Guide.

Can I move the unit after it has started pressure cooking?

No, once pressure cooking has started, we do not recommend moving the unit.

How do I cancel a cooking function?

Press the START/STOP div or the Power div.

Where can I find more Ninja recipes?

For more recipes, go to

Are there cooking charts available with cook times and temperatures?

Cooking charts can be found in the Inspiration Guide that came with your unit.

Why does the display show an "E" code?

This means the unit is not functioning properly. Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-646-5288.

How do I clean the unit?

The unit should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Unplug the unit before cleaning. To clean the cooker base and control panel, wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth. NEVER immerse the cooker base in water or any other liquid. NEVER clean the cooker base in the dishwasher. The cooking pot, steam rack, and removable silicone ring are all dishwasher safe. To clean the lid (including the pressure release valve and anti-clog cap) hand-wash in warm, soapy water. To clean the crisping lid, wipe it down with a wet cloth or paper towel after the heat shield has cooled. Air-dry all parts after cleaning is complete. If there is food residue stuck on the cooking pot or steam rack, place the pot in the sink, fill it with warm water, and allow it to soak before cleaning. ALWAYS use a non-abrasive sponge or cleaning tool when washing your unit.

How do I clean the silicone ring?

We recommend you clean the silicone ring after every use. Remove the silicone ring by pulling it by hand outward, section by section, from the silicone ring rack. Wash the silicone ring in warm, soapy water or on the top rack of the dishwasher to help remove any odor. It is common for the silicone ring to retain the smell of acidic foods, even after cleaning. The silicone ring can be installed with either side facing up. To reinstall the ring, press it down into the rack section by section. NEVER pull out the silicone ring with excessive force or with a utensil, as this may deform the ring or the rack, affecting the pressure-sealing function. If your silicone ring has cracks, cuts, or any other form of damage, it should be replaced immediately.

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