CF085 Series Ninja Coffee Bar® - FAQs

This article contains the FAQs for the CF085 Series Ninja Coffee Bar®. This supports the following product SKUs CF085, CF085, CF085C, CF085Q, CF085REF, CF085W, CF085Z, CF086, CF086C, and CF087.

My Over Ice Brew is not cold?

The Over Ice Brew is designed to brew hot coffee over ice to lock in the flavor for rich, smooth iced coffee. Make sure your cup, travel mug, or carafe is filled all the way to the top with ice cubes. We strongly recommend ice cubes when making iced coffee. Shaved and crushed ice have different packing characteristics. Because of this, you should NOT use shaved or crushed ice as the vessel used may overflow once coffee is brewed over the ice.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use hot water in the water reservoir. We recommend cool, fresh, filtered water.

Where can I find the model number?

The model number can be found on the back or bottom of your unit. The model number will begin with the letters 'CF'.

What is Thermal Extraction?

Many variables go into brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Three of those variables, Temperature, Pre-Infusion, and Saturation, are difficult to manage on your own. Our Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology automatically controls them for you.

How It Works:

  • Temperature: Water is heated to the ideal temperature for coffee.
  • Pre-Infusion: Grounds are evenly saturated then given time to 'bloom'.
  • Saturation: Grounds are saturated again for an even and consistent extraction.
Why is the second cup that I brewed hotter than the first brew?

Once the Ninja Coffee Bar has brewed the first cup, the brewer is pre-warmed. This enables any following brews to be slightly hotter. For a hotter first cup, after plugging in and turning on your brewer by pressing the Power button, allow 3 minutes for your brewer to pre-heat.

Why is there no warming plate for the thermal carafe?

The thermal carafe has double-walled insulation, which keeps heat locked inside. The insulation barrier means the heat from the warming plate will not reach inside the carafe, nor affect the temperature of the coffee.

How to use the Ninja Easy Frother

Start by adding 6 oz. or less of cold milk to the glass jar. For cold froth, skip microwaving. For hot froth, see instructions below.

Microwave milk warming times:

  • 700-900 watts: 60-75 seconds
  • 1000-1200 watts: 45-60 seconds

IMPORTANT: Remove black frother press prior to placing the glass jar in the microwave.

CAUTION: Glass surface will be hot to touch after heating the liquid in the microwave. Use care when handling the jar.

  1. Place the frother press into the glass jar and secure the lid. NOTE: Ensure the pouring holes are turned away from spout lid when frothing to prevent milk splashing out.
  2. Pump the frother press for 20 to 30 seconds to create velvety-smooth micro froth for your specialty drinks. For best results, keep the bottom end of the frother press submerged below the surface of the milk while pumping.
  3. Pour micro froth into your mug or drinking glass. To make a layered drink, pour the micro froth first and then brew over it. For more of an integrated drink, brew coffee first then add micro froth.
  4. Enjoy your frothed milk or cream in your favorite Ninja Coffee Bar beverages.
How to clean the Ninja Easy Frother

To keep your Ninja Easy Frother looking and working its best, hand wash in warm, soapy water before first use and after each use. Unscrew the micro frother to separate the components for cleaning. Dry all components completely before reassembling and storing. Prior to next use, examine the glass to ensure it has not chipped. If glass is chipped, do not use.

What parts/accessories are dishwasher safe?

The Permanent Filter, Water Reservoir, Water Reservoir Flip Top Lid, and Brew-Through Lid are all top-rack, dishwasher safe. The thermal carafe and brew basket are not dishwasher safe.

How often should I clean my Ninja Coffee Bar?

Cleaning your brewer is very important to ensure you're receiving the best possible coffee from your Ninja Coffee Bar. Clean your brewer when the CLEAN button on your Ninja Coffee Bar illuminates.

How to prepare your Ninja Coffee Bar for a brewing cycle

To brew a half carafe or full carafe, place your carafe below the brew basket and fill the water reservoir with water. Then insert a #4 paper filter or the permanent filter in the brew basket, and add your favorite coffee using the Ninja Smart Scoop. After adding the water and coffee, choose a size and brew type. If you want to pour a cup of coffee before the brew is complete you can close the Drip Stop and remove your carafe to pour a cup. Remember to replace the carafe and open the Drip Stop when you're done. You can also use the Drip Stop to stop the brew basket from dripping coffee at the end of the brew. If you want to brew a travel mug, you can place larger cups and travel mugs directly on the base of the unit. If you want to brew a cup, lower the cup platform below the brew basket and place your cup on the platform, following the same instructions above.

Which compatible accessories/parts are microwave safe?

The only accessories that are microwave-safe are the Ninja insulated cups, mugs and tumblers.

How long does my pre-heat stay on?

Your Ninja Coffee Bar will stay pre-heated for 72 hours unless you turn the brewer off.

Why are there white particles/film in my coffee and filter?

The white particles/film you are seeing may be mineral deposits coming from the water you're using. This is an indicator that your Ninja Coffee Bar needs to be cleaned. Follow the instructions on cleaning & descaling your unit in your Owner's Guide.

What size paper filters fit my Ninja Coffee Bar?

The brew basket is designed to fit a #4 cone paper filter, or the Ninja Permanent Filter.

How long does it take to pre-heat to get the hottest cup?

After turning on your Ninja Coffee Bar, the pre-heat notification will illuminate for 3 minutes as your brewer warms up. Once it has warmed up to the proper temperature, the pre-heat notification will turn off, indicating it is time to brew.

There is water left in the reservoir.

After a brew, you may notice leftover water in your water reservoir after filling to the minimum fill line of the size selected. The water reservoir markings are minimum fill lines that indicate if there is enough water for the proper brew size in the reservoir, but all brew styles use different amounts of water to create the proper flavor and concentration. Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence will only use the water needed for the brew size and style selected. Please note that the system is designed to always have water remain in the reservoir after a brew. This to protect the boiler from boiling dry, and helps extend the life of your machine.

What are the size dimensions of the Ninja Coffee Bar?

The dimensions of the Ninja Coffee Bar are as follows:

  • Imperial (inches): 10. 827 (depth) x 10. 354 (width) x 14. 764 (height)
  • Metric (centimeters): 27. 5 (depth) x 26. 3 (width) x 37. 5 (height)
What brew size should I select before brewing Specialty?

Specialty Brew is Ninja's signature, one-touch brew designed to deliver the same volume each time. Regardless of what size selection is illuminated, your Specialty Brew will deliver approximately 4 oz.

What grind coffee should I use?

A medium grind coffee is recommended.

What impacts coffee brew volume?

When you make hot coffee, the coffee grounds will absorb some of the water that is brewed, resulting in slightly less brewed coffee than the water used. The more coffee you use, the more water will be absorbed. Additionally, our wider bottom carafe holds most of the coffee at the base, which helps control the temperature more evenly. If you are experiencing inconsistent brew volume, we recommend you run a clean cycle. 

How do I set the clock?

To set the clock, simply press the H (hour) and/or M (minute) button until you reach the current time.

How do I set the Delay Brew?
  1. Power on the unit, then press the Delay Brew button.
  2. Add the recommended amount of coffee to the brew basket for your brew size and brew type.
  3. Toggle the drip stop to the open position, denoted by a water droplet.
  4. Fill the reservoir with water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. The Delay Brew button will illuminate and the clock will begin to flash "12:00" or the last Delay Brew time that was set.
  5. While the clock is flashing, press the H (Hour) or M (Minute) buttons to set the time you would like the Delay Brew to begin. The AM or PM indicator will illuminate on the left side of the display as you are setting the desired time.
  6. Once the desired time has been set, select the size of the vessel that you would like to brew. Select the Brew Type that you desire from the four flashing buttons. The selected brew type will be illuminated.
  7. Once the time, brew size, and brew type have been set, allow the Delay Brew button to stop flashing, or press the Delay Brew button to activate. When the Delay Brew is activated, the Delay Brew button will illuminate and an audible signal will play to verify the Delay Brew is set.
  8. Place the appropriate sized vessel under the brew basket.

IMPORTANT : The unit must remain on in order for the Delay Brew function to work. Do not power off after setting Delay Brew. Also, make sure the Drip Stop is in the open position.

I didn't put in enough water, and my Ninja Coffee Bar started beeping in mid-cycle. Can I just add more water and keep going?

To ensure the best possible coffee, a new brew cycle is needed. Refill the water reservoir to correlating fill line for your brew size, or up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. Empty the brew basket, and the brewing vessel. Return the empty vessel beneath the brew basket, and insert fresh coffee grounds in the brew basket and start your brew cycle again. 

I love the thermal carafe. Is there any danger to leaving it on my table?

No, the thermal carafe is safe to leave on your table and countertops.

Is it normal for the brew type button to pulse while the Ninja Coffee Bar is brewing?

Yes, when the Ninja Coffee Bar is brewing, you will notice that the brew type you have selected will be illuminated and pulse on and off during the brew.

Is it okay to brew iced coffee in the thermal carafe?

Yes, the thermal carafe was specially designed for both hot and iced coffee. When making iced coffee in the carafe, fill it to the top with ice cubes and let your Ninja Coffee Bar do the rest.

My coffee has finished brewing, and my Ninja Coffee Bar is beeping.

The beeping indicates that your coffee is ready, ENJOY!

The Clean light came on - what cleaning solution should I use to clean my Ninja Coffee Bar?

For the most effective cleaning, we recommend using a descaling solution specifically formulated for coffee maker cleaning. Alternately, fill the water reservoir to the travel mug line (16 oz. ) with only white vinegar. This method is effective for mildly scaled machines. 

Are special coffee beans required?

No, however a medium grind coffee is recommended.

Are the Ninja cups, tumblers and Over Ice Carafe BPA free?

Yes, all of our cups, tumblers and Over Ice Carafe are BPA free.

Can I add more water while brewing?

We do not recommend adding water to the water reservoir while the Ninja Coffee Bar is in use.

Can I brew tea in this machine?

We do not recommend brewing tea in the Ninja Coffee Bar, because there are coffee oils and flavors that will be left in the brew basket. This may cause the tea to produce a flavor you may not expect.

Can I change brew settings once my coffee has started to brew?

Once a Specialty Brew has started, you cannot change brew settings. For all other brews, you may select a different brew size or style. Results vary depending upon the status of the current brew cycle.

Do I need to use the Brew-Through Lid in my Carafe?

Yes, we recommend using the brew-through lid as it helps maintain the carafe temperature, and deliver optimal flavor. Not using the brew-through lid, or not having the lid on properly, could allow heat to escape from the carafe causing the coffee to rapidly cool.

Do I need to use the permanent filter with a paper filter?

No, the paper filter and permanent filter should not be used together. Please use either a paper filter or the permanent filter when brewing coffee. Using a permanent filter in conjunction with a paper filter may result in the clogging and backing up of water and/or coffee in the filter basket.

Does the Ninja Coffee Bar take coffee pods?

This brewer is designed to brew coffee grounds only. Do not insert pods or K-Cups.

How can I pause the brew cycle to pour a cup before it has finished?

To pause the brew cycle, simply move the the Drip Stop toggle to the closed position denoted by a water droplet with a slash. This stops the flow of coffee from the brew basket. After pouring your cup, quickly return the vessel and open the Drip Stop to continue brewing.

CAUTION: NEVER open the brew basket while the Ninja Coffee Bar is brewing. Scalding may occur if the brew basket is removed during brewing cycles.

How do I change the vessel size?

It's easy - simply turn the dial to Cup, Travel Mug, Half Carafe, or Full Carafe. The brew size icon will illuminate to show which brew size you have selected.

How do I clean after a brew?

Cleaning your Ninja Coffee Bar is easy - follow the instructions below.

  1. Before cleaning, close the Drip Stop.
  2. After each brew is complete and the coffee grounds have cooled, discard the paper filter. If using the permanent filter, carefully remove and wash.
  3. Remove brew basket from the brewer, rinse, and wash with soap and warm water.
  4. Wash the carafe and brew-through lid with soap and warm water.
  5. Use a bottle brush or cloth to wash the inside of the carafe. DO NOT use a wire brush.
  6. Wipe machine down with a cloth and soap and warm water.
  7. Let the warming plate cool before cleaning with a wet cloth and soap and water. DO NOT immerse the base in water.

NOTE: The brew-through lid, permanent filter, and water reservoir are top-rack dishwasher safe. The thermal carafe is NOT dishwasher safe. 

How do I clean my Ninja Coffee Bar out of box?

Before your first brew, we recommend running two Full Carafe, Classic Brew cycles with just water (no grounds) to prime your Ninja Coffee Bar. With your brewer plugged in and powered on, fill your reservoir with water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. Place the carafe under the brew basket, choose the Full Carafe setting, then press the Classic Brew button. When the cycle is complete, discard the water in the carafe and repeat. After you have completed two cycles, you are ready to use your Ninja Coffee Bar.

NOTE: It is not necessary to run two full clean cycles.

How do I clean my thermal carafe?

We recommend cleaning your carafe with warm, soapy water. If you want to clean the carafe more thoroughly, we recommend using a soft foam brush.

NOTE: Do not place the thermal carafe in the dishwasher. DO NOT clean carafe with abrasive cleansers, steel wool pads, or other abrasive material.

How do I fill my water reservoir?

To remove the water reservoir from the base, hold the reservoir by the grip, and twist counterclockwise. Either flip the lid top over or remove lid by twisting counterclockwise. Fill with water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line (43 oz). To replace the water reservoir, place on top of the base and twist clockwise until you feel the reservoir lock into place.

NOTE: Depending on the size and brew type, you may have water left in the reservoir.

How do I make coffee that's milder?

For milder coffee, try the Classic Brew setting using light roast beans and a paper filter in your brew basket (rather than the permanent metal filter). If you want an even milder flavor, you can put less coffee in the brew basket - just keep in mind that grounds do absorb liquid during the normal brew cycle, so you will wind up with a less concentrated, larger cup of coffee.

How do I make coffee that's stronger?

For stronger coffee, try the Rich Brew setting using dark roast beans and the permanent filter in your brew basket (rather than a paper filter). If you want an even bolder flavor, you can add more coffee grounds in the brew basket - just keep in mind that the additional grounds do absorb liquid, so you will wind up with a more concentrated, smaller cup of coffee.